Thursday, March 15, 2007

Then it hit me. I love felt.

Hello again to all my adoring fans.

I also love cooking...but that's a whole other kettle of fish...

So I just realised I have a huge love for felt. My love affair with felt began last year when I decided I wanted to make myself a cell phone case. I spent a ridiculous amount of time fussing over colours and designs...I think I still have the pages of designs I came up with. Hehe. Off I went to Lincraft, a large farbic/craft store and I pored over all the acrylic sheets of felt (I am but a poor student) and after picking out my colours and buying some embroidery thread I skipped home (well skipped a bit of the way...mostly I stood at the front of the City Cat, a ferry). Anyway, to cut a long, boring story short, I sat down with my needle and thread and made this little bubba, my first project made out of felt. Since then I've lost my treasured mobile phone case...I am still sad about that. But at least I took pictures.

My felt skills have evolved since the making of that gem. I've made many other lovely things including little dolls, a mutated teddy, the coolest pincushion ever, little patches, bookmarks, badges, random creatures, coasters, book covers, embroidered ugly creatures...really, the felt possibilities are endless! I used a lot of felt to make my swap package for the crafty detective my previous post. I just really really love felt! I still use the acrylic felt squares...I guess one day, when I have more funds, I might just graduate to wool and woolblend felts! I have a feeling acrylics will always be better for kids' toys cos it won't shrink when it get's wet...but I'm definitely no pro! I am using felt at the moment to make a plushie for the felt mascot/stuffy swap I am doing. AND I got lovely feedback for the crafty detective swap which makes me really really happy!

I have now made 7 ATCs for that 100 Themes Challenge I am doing...and I am doing my first ever ATC trade with the lovely rocnic23. She has been so lovely and helpful to me! I am a bit of a noob at the moment!! Everyone at seems to be really hyper with trading and swapping...I don't where they find the time...or money for all that postage!!

Now for a random picture or two or three...we have some photos I found in my random folder of a funny/cool/amazing couture fashion. After seeing muralimanohar's blog and some beautiful dresses there I really wanted to share some that I had found...please enjoy! I think I found them on a newspaper website after I had read an article on an international fashion show. The last one was a designer from India, I love that dress a ridiculous amount! And I think the girl covered in stripey fabric is a Gaultier design...but don't quote me on that! I don't know who did those slightly creepy butterfly ones...but I love them all the same! Wouldn't it be fun to dress people up like that? Making crazy beautiful clothes and giving them insane makeup! I really want to have a faux couture costume party...but I have a feeling I would be the only one who would put the effort in to make a cool costume. Most of my church and uni friends aren't really into making stuff. Oh well, I love them all the same!

Since I have gone back to uni for this year I have been thinking more and more about different careers (other than the one my degree will lead to). It's kinda ridiculous, all the things I really enjoy doing, like art and making funny little toys and generally making stuff, are things that seem very difficult to make a living out of. Anyway, the predominant thoughts running through my brain involve owning a lovely little shop that sells handmade things...mostly stuff made by me. Sometimes I imagine a cute little cafe with rainbow chairs and mismatched quirky crockery and white tables. What a dream...

Signing off for the moment on a daydreaming note,
thanks for reading my stream of craftiness,
goodnight my friends,


librarylass said...

I love some of those outfits, so eclectic! Am eagerly awaiting to see what you come up with!

takinanap said...

you are my hero! embroidery on felt has been cool since the '70 - hooray. love the little sampler guy you posted on craftster. your stitching is beautiful.

fellow stitcher in portland maine