Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stung by a bee

eah, so last night I pulled my folder out of my uni bag (I made it so I will include a picture or two of it!! It's from this awesome craftster tute...it's the best uni bag ever!) and I took a step and got stung on the underside of the fourth toe of my left foot. It hurt so much!! I haven't been stung by a bee since I was a kid!! Today my toe was still swollen and a bit itchy and red. Ew.

Anyway, I have made progress in the crafting stakes...I sent my parcel for the Felt Mascot/Little Stuffy Swap on Craftster to Eliea! My oh my, the drama surrounding the sending of this little thing. I decided to go early to uni so I could go to the post office there. So I moseyed on into the PO and got a padded envelope and then I went to get my pen out and I realised that I had forgotten Eliea's address!! So I put the padded envelope back on the shelf and went outside to call home to get the address...but I didn't have enough credit on my phone!! SO then I went to the newsagent nearby to buy some more prepaid credit but when I went to pay for it, I opened my wallet to get my card out but it wasn't there!!! My sister had borrowed it for the groceries yesterday and didn't put it back! At this stage I was quite flustered and thinking I would have to walk all the way home to get Eliea's address...so I tried making a last desperate call to my brother's mobile and I finally was able to get Eliea's address! Luckily I had enough cash to pay for the postage (Plushies are soooo light! Perfect for postage!). So after all that a little plushie is on its way to Eliea in South Carolina! I can't wait til it arrives cos then I can share pics! Yay!!

Last post I said I would share some other felt creations of mine...so I will. Here we have my amish puzzle ball made from this craftster tute. I loved making this, it was a perfect size so I wouldn't get too bored and it turned out to be an awesome pincushion. It is pictured with my mutant teddy bear I made. Isn't he cute?? I love him! I had only been planning on making a one headed mini bear but his head turned out too small...so I made another...but then I didn't know what to do with the second head. My brother suggested just sewing both heads on and so I did it! This was before I figured out how to do moveable joints so he has fused joints...hehe

How do you like my letter Y at the start of this post? I'm thinking of doing this for every post...sorta like an illuminated text. I have a lovely book on illuminated texts, it's very beautiful! Anyway, that's pretty much it for this post...oh no I remember something...I recently signed up on this site Atcards.com, a place where you can post pictures of your little Artist's Trading Cards and organise trades and do swaps and stuff. So this past week I have sent away at least 5 of my cards...I'll show pics of all the ones that I have sent off to new homes! Now all I have to do is wait for mine to come in the mail! Hooray! I'm pretty excited about all this! And I am expecting 2 swap packages in the mail anyday now (crafty detective and the felt mascot swap)! Isn't that awesome?? I can't wait!!

All of those ATCs have been traded! Their names are Flowers, Drink, Multi-tasking, Aztec Manface, Happiness and Ladyface Dotty doll.

Anyway, I'm bored with this post now, and I think it is definitely long enough!

Byebye my blogging and crafting and other friends!



superhooker said...

WOW!!! I love your two headed bear! and your puzzle-ball...those are so fun to make. I've made two of them for swaps, and I think I'm going to make one for me now.

And I must say that your ATCs rock the damn house! Seriously! your drawing is really kickass. I sure hope I get paired with you in more swaps!

Amber said...

Your ATCS are amazing...I love the vibrant colors that you use!

Vintage Cherubs & Lollies said...

Hey there,
I have just gone into my blog to update and feel so slack not to have replied to your lovely comments. Thank you. Where are you in Brisbane? I am in Ferny Hills. I LOVE your mutant teddy bear - hysterical and your swap cards are just devine! It would be great to meet up sometime and have a good natter about interests.
I will be updating so much more regularly now so I will be able to communicate on a more regular basis!! k xo