Friday, March 2, 2007

Its cold! It's frozen! It's what? Yes it is. You see, big fish stay very deep down where it is cold.

So that was a quote from a French movie that my parents and Zoe and Ben are
watching. I didn't feel like watching it...maybe I will watch it later. We gotout four dvds this arvo - Neil Young; Heart of gold, Aprés Vous (french), some monty python doco and thismovie, Seducing Doctor Lewis (it's not rude, it's about a small fishing village trying to convince this
doctor to stay in town)

A funny French movie I once watched was Lé Closet. It made me laugh. A cool French movie I watched was Amelie.

Let's document one of my latest crafty escapades. It is a dress I made when I discovered the joys of shirring. I love this dress. It's pink and it has black ribbon and I have a cold so my head is feeling rather stuffy. I am the queen of sneeze.

Next round I will tell you about some other thing I made or drew or painted. Or maybe my wall and the plans for my wall. I have finished crafting for the crafty detective swap. I decided I should stop crafting because I have spent a HUGE amount of time doing stuff for it.

I think I am gonna explore craftster and add to my wists. I like wists, they are great way of filling a page with fun things.

I bid thee adieu!

...with love from your not popular crafting buddy Rosie



Michael said...

I do not like craft.

I do not like art.

These things I do not like at all.

I hope this does not make you sad, but I thought at least 1 comment would be appreciated.

Thinking of the Rosies of this world, even from the far land of Cambodge.

superhooker said...

I am your crafty detective swap partner, and you are so completely super freaking awesome! I love this dress, by the way. You should totally put up pictures of the swap stuff, because it rocks.