Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stung by a bee

eah, so last night I pulled my folder out of my uni bag (I made it so I will include a picture or two of it!! It's from this awesome craftster tute...it's the best uni bag ever!) and I took a step and got stung on the underside of the fourth toe of my left foot. It hurt so much!! I haven't been stung by a bee since I was a kid!! Today my toe was still swollen and a bit itchy and red. Ew.

Anyway, I have made progress in the crafting stakes...I sent my parcel for the Felt Mascot/Little Stuffy Swap on Craftster to Eliea! My oh my, the drama surrounding the sending of this little thing. I decided to go early to uni so I could go to the post office there. So I moseyed on into the PO and got a padded envelope and then I went to get my pen out and I realised that I had forgotten Eliea's address!! So I put the padded envelope back on the shelf and went outside to call home to get the address...but I didn't have enough credit on my phone!! SO then I went to the newsagent nearby to buy some more prepaid credit but when I went to pay for it, I opened my wallet to get my card out but it wasn't there!!! My sister had borrowed it for the groceries yesterday and didn't put it back! At this stage I was quite flustered and thinking I would have to walk all the way home to get Eliea's address...so I tried making a last desperate call to my brother's mobile and I finally was able to get Eliea's address! Luckily I had enough cash to pay for the postage (Plushies are soooo light! Perfect for postage!). So after all that a little plushie is on its way to Eliea in South Carolina! I can't wait til it arrives cos then I can share pics! Yay!!

Last post I said I would share some other felt creations of mine...so I will. Here we have my amish puzzle ball made from this craftster tute. I loved making this, it was a perfect size so I wouldn't get too bored and it turned out to be an awesome pincushion. It is pictured with my mutant teddy bear I made. Isn't he cute?? I love him! I had only been planning on making a one headed mini bear but his head turned out too small...so I made another...but then I didn't know what to do with the second head. My brother suggested just sewing both heads on and so I did it! This was before I figured out how to do moveable joints so he has fused joints...hehe

How do you like my letter Y at the start of this post? I'm thinking of doing this for every post...sorta like an illuminated text. I have a lovely book on illuminated texts, it's very beautiful! Anyway, that's pretty much it for this post...oh no I remember something...I recently signed up on this site Atcards.com, a place where you can post pictures of your little Artist's Trading Cards and organise trades and do swaps and stuff. So this past week I have sent away at least 5 of my cards...I'll show pics of all the ones that I have sent off to new homes! Now all I have to do is wait for mine to come in the mail! Hooray! I'm pretty excited about all this! And I am expecting 2 swap packages in the mail anyday now (crafty detective and the felt mascot swap)! Isn't that awesome?? I can't wait!!

All of those ATCs have been traded! Their names are Flowers, Drink, Multi-tasking, Aztec Manface, Happiness and Ladyface Dotty doll.

Anyway, I'm bored with this post now, and I think it is definitely long enough!

Byebye my blogging and crafting and other friends!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Then it hit me. I love felt.

Hello again to all my adoring fans.

I also love cooking...but that's a whole other kettle of fish...

So I just realised I have a huge love for felt. My love affair with felt began last year when I decided I wanted to make myself a cell phone case. I spent a ridiculous amount of time fussing over colours and designs...I think I still have the pages of designs I came up with. Hehe. Off I went to Lincraft, a large farbic/craft store and I pored over all the acrylic sheets of felt (I am but a poor student) and after picking out my colours and buying some embroidery thread I skipped home (well skipped a bit of the way...mostly I stood at the front of the City Cat, a ferry). Anyway, to cut a long, boring story short, I sat down with my needle and thread and made this little bubba, my first project made out of felt. Since then I've lost my treasured mobile phone case...I am still sad about that. But at least I took pictures.

My felt skills have evolved since the making of that gem. I've made many other lovely things including little dolls, a mutated teddy, the coolest pincushion ever, little patches, bookmarks, badges, random creatures, coasters, book covers, embroidered ugly creatures...really, the felt possibilities are endless! I used a lot of felt to make my swap package for the crafty detective swap...in my previous post. I just really really love felt! I still use the acrylic felt squares...I guess one day, when I have more funds, I might just graduate to wool and woolblend felts! I have a feeling acrylics will always be better for kids' toys cos it won't shrink when it get's wet...but I'm definitely no pro! I am using felt at the moment to make a plushie for the felt mascot/stuffy swap I am doing. AND I got lovely feedback for the crafty detective swap which makes me really really happy!

I have now made 7 ATCs for that 100 Themes Challenge I am doing...and I am doing my first ever ATC trade with the lovely rocnic23. She has been so lovely and helpful to me! I am a bit of a noob at the moment!! Everyone at atcards.com seems to be really hyper with trading and swapping...I don't where they find the time...or money for all that postage!!

Now for a random picture or two or three...we have some photos I found in my random folder of a funny/cool/amazing couture fashion. After seeing muralimanohar's blog and some beautiful dresses there I really wanted to share some that I had found...please enjoy! I think I found them on a newspaper website after I had read an article on an international fashion show. The last one was a designer from India, I love that dress a ridiculous amount! And I think the girl covered in stripey fabric is a Gaultier design...but don't quote me on that! I don't know who did those slightly creepy butterfly ones...but I love them all the same! Wouldn't it be fun to dress people up like that? Making crazy beautiful clothes and giving them insane makeup! I really want to have a faux couture costume party...but I have a feeling I would be the only one who would put the effort in to make a cool costume. Most of my church and uni friends aren't really into making stuff. Oh well, I love them all the same!

Since I have gone back to uni for this year I have been thinking more and more about different careers (other than the one my degree will lead to). It's kinda ridiculous, all the things I really enjoy doing, like art and making funny little toys and generally making stuff, are things that seem very difficult to make a living out of. Anyway, the predominant thoughts running through my brain involve owning a lovely little shop that sells handmade things...mostly stuff made by me. Sometimes I imagine a cute little cafe with rainbow chairs and mismatched quirky crockery and white tables. What a dream...

Signing off for the moment on a daydreaming note,
thanks for reading my stream of craftiness,
goodnight my friends,

Monday, March 12, 2007

My kings and queens, we stand alone, stone for stone, we built this home.

I love being in the random quote title blog club! This line is from an awesome song I found on tripleJ's unearthed site....it's an awesome place! Squillions of free downloads of unsigned Australian bands and singer/songwriters! I love Aussie music. At the moment I am listening to Cool Calm Collective's 'Kings and Queens'. Here is the link to the site for Triple J Unearthed.

In greater, crafty news...my partner, SuperHooker (that's a link to her blogspot blog) received a package from me for the Crafty Detective Swap! Now I can share pictures!!! First we have the obligatory group shot. I'll list everything I sent.
- A Dark Mark (yes, from Harry Potter) felt appliqued onto a polar fleece cushion cover. I sewed this entirely on machine. It was harder (& more frustrating) than I expected!
- Dia de los muertos skull ornament made from felt.
- Dia de los muertos skull ornament DIY kit.
- Small moogle (from final fantasy) plushie made of felt. It has moveable joints (the first time I tried it!) and poseable wings!
- A tiny little felt skull badge (beside the moogle plushie) I also sent a brooch pin that SuperHooker can glue/sew to the back if she wants to.
- My favourite - a big dia de los muertos bear!! It has button joints and a felt and cotten scarf and his little skeleton and face are made of felt and were all hand-appliqued on. I had so much fun embroidering his face! It was hard to part with this baby...but he has gone to a good home!
- A home-made card. This was mostly an afterthought...but I had heaps of fun drawing it so I've used the techniques a few time since!
- Other assorted non-crafty pieces of stuff...including a little itty bitty plastic bee, spider and praying mantis amd a glow in the dark spider. And two little buttons and some tiny pegs!

Phew...that's it! I am pretty proud of myself! I don't think I am gonna do another swap as big as this for along time...uni is getting pretty busy!

Now I am finishing off a plushie for the Felt Mascot/Stuffy Swap Round 2...I like how it is turning out...it's based on a character that my partner Eliea designed. Sendouts are coming up soon...

So, I haven't really been doing much else that's crafty. I've made a few ATCs for this 1oo themes personal challenge (that's a link to the gallery). I'll show you a pic of my favourite one that I've done. It's called 'Mother Nature'. So far I've done 4 out of 100 of the themes.

Anyway...bye bye for now!! Thank you to anyone who is reading this!

-Rosie (^_^)

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Kick the Cheat

Oh ho ho.

I have finally finished crafting for teh crafty detective swap. HOORAH!!!! I made one more thingy. I can' wait to send it (although postage might be a bit scary...) and then after my partner has received I will be able to share what I have made!!!!!! I am very excited about this swap...

Anyway, that was the quick post.

Partners for the felt mascot swap comeout tomorrow-ish so I am excited!

Bye bye!

Michael, Miriam, James and Miranda...and Toby, if you happen to read this...hello there!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Its cold! It's frozen! It's what? Yes it is. You see, big fish stay very deep down where it is cold.

So that was a quote from a French movie that my parents and Zoe and Ben are
watching. I didn't feel like watching it...maybe I will watch it later. We gotout four dvds this arvo - Neil Young; Heart of gold, Aprés Vous (french), some monty python doco and thismovie, Seducing Doctor Lewis (it's not rude, it's about a small fishing village trying to convince this
doctor to stay in town)

A funny French movie I once watched was Lé Closet. It made me laugh. A cool French movie I watched was Amelie.

Let's document one of my latest crafty escapades. It is a dress I made when I discovered the joys of shirring. I love this dress. It's pink and it has black ribbon and I have a cold so my head is feeling rather stuffy. I am the queen of sneeze.

Next round I will tell you about some other thing I made or drew or painted. Or maybe my wall and the plans for my wall. I have finished crafting for the crafty detective swap. I decided I should stop crafting because I have spent a HUGE amount of time doing stuff for it.

I think I am gonna explore craftster and add to my wists. I like wists, they are great way of filling a page with fun things.

I bid thee adieu!

...with love from your not popular crafting buddy Rosie


Friday, February 23, 2007

So very annoying...I could squeal. But I won't.

I won't squeal because it is 1.30am and my brother and my sister are in bed. I should go soon.

So here's the deal. I just wrote my first blog entry complete with picture and then my browser froze. Gah!!! I am annoyed at that. So here we have my new first blog entry (not first blog ever - I go through internet phases...bebo, myspace etc. Hopefully I'll stick with this one cos it will have a general purpose which is to share all my crafty adventures). I will give you some basic info on me.

I am Rosie, short for Rosanna. I like both, but am more commonly known as Rosie (less syllables).
I am nearly 20 (not too excited about that, I won't be a teenager for much longer).
I am a Christadelphian (look it up, yo.).
I love my family a hell of a lot. And I live with my younger sister (codename: Sinquadab) and one of my older brothers (codename: Gwoss gwoss). I too have a codename...it is Vignati. We were making up nicknames and they stuck for once. Mum and Dad even have names...Mumyunundi and Dadulon.
I like art a lot.
I also like craft a lot (due to craftsters' influence...I love that place!)

I signed up with blogspot to have a place to share all my crafty (and sometimes arty and sometimes not crafty or arty) adventures. (Nb. I hate the term 'arty farty' and also 'art & craft'. I dunno why) So here I am.

"What crafty news do you bring?" you say...

My current project is for a swap. It's my second swap ever (on craftster) and it's called the 'crafty detective swap'. It's pretty much a secret santa-ish swap. I am feeling good about it, we need to make at least 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small (but I'm gonna do a little more ^_^ ). I have nearly finished my large and I have completed a small and two small-mediums. I have plans for a few more small pieces and a couple'o'mediums. I really want this swap to go well because my first swap wasn't a great experience. It was a Christmas ornament swap and I made mine and loved doing it. I might have put a bit too much effort in...I may have scared my partner off craftster for good. You can all see what I made...first you can see the boxes I made for them...then the actual ornaments. I also included some gift-tags I made with leftover felt and card. And I made her a nice card that had a mini-feltboard on the front. (I love the way you can upload photos on this blog! So easy! If only we got our stinking broadband connected...at the moment I am on dial-up. Ew.)

So there you have it. My first crafty post. Maybe I'll include a drawing as well...it's called 'when I wear the red shirt' (haha, I don't even have a red shirt that I love...besides, I'd rather red shoes!)

I think my next few posts will all be previous crafting adventures so you can see what I have been up to before this blog bug bit me.

I want to fill this space with random drabbling now. Like how I love origami. I love origami a lot. So much that in fact, I carry origami paper with me at all times. Little rainbow squares of paper bought at a cute little pastel coloured asian store. I know some instructions by heart...like the crane, the flapping crane, the iris, a dove, a hexagonal box, a hyerbolic parabola. My favourite origami pieces are modlar origami. That's where you make lots of little pieces and then you put them together to make an impressive ball (most of the time). I did that for two of my ornaments for that christmas swap I was talking about before. They were each made of 30 pieces! I find it so fun to fold! It's fun to fold...la la la la!!

I love to talk. I hope someone out there will read this! Please comment if you do!

I love you,

ps. I have watched far too many Cardcaptor Sakura episodes over the last few days.