Monday, March 12, 2007

My kings and queens, we stand alone, stone for stone, we built this home.

I love being in the random quote title blog club! This line is from an awesome song I found on tripleJ's unearthed's an awesome place! Squillions of free downloads of unsigned Australian bands and singer/songwriters! I love Aussie music. At the moment I am listening to Cool Calm Collective's 'Kings and Queens'. Here is the link to the site for Triple J Unearthed.

In greater, crafty partner, SuperHooker (that's a link to her blogspot blog) received a package from me for the Crafty Detective Swap! Now I can share pictures!!! First we have the obligatory group shot. I'll list everything I sent.
- A Dark Mark (yes, from Harry Potter) felt appliqued onto a polar fleece cushion cover. I sewed this entirely on machine. It was harder (& more frustrating) than I expected!
- Dia de los muertos skull ornament made from felt.
- Dia de los muertos skull ornament DIY kit.
- Small moogle (from final fantasy) plushie made of felt. It has moveable joints (the first time I tried it!) and poseable wings!
- A tiny little felt skull badge (beside the moogle plushie) I also sent a brooch pin that SuperHooker can glue/sew to the back if she wants to.
- My favourite - a big dia de los muertos bear!! It has button joints and a felt and cotten scarf and his little skeleton and face are made of felt and were all hand-appliqued on. I had so much fun embroidering his face! It was hard to part with this baby...but he has gone to a good home!
- A home-made card. This was mostly an afterthought...but I had heaps of fun drawing it so I've used the techniques a few time since!
- Other assorted non-crafty pieces of stuff...including a little itty bitty plastic bee, spider and praying mantis amd a glow in the dark spider. And two little buttons and some tiny pegs!

Phew...that's it! I am pretty proud of myself! I don't think I am gonna do another swap as big as this for along time...uni is getting pretty busy!

Now I am finishing off a plushie for the Felt Mascot/Stuffy Swap Round 2...I like how it is turning's based on a character that my partner Eliea designed. Sendouts are coming up soon...

So, I haven't really been doing much else that's crafty. I've made a few ATCs for this 1oo themes personal challenge (that's a link to the gallery). I'll show you a pic of my favourite one that I've done. It's called 'Mother Nature'. So far I've done 4 out of 100 of the themes.

Anyway...bye bye for now!! Thank you to anyone who is reading this!

-Rosie (^_^)


nasty_wench said...

OMG, I LOVE the muertos panda!!!

muralimanohar said...

Wow, you make some awesome stuff!! SO creatively cool! I LOVE the skeleton thing (I forgot to take note of what it was called...duh! lol)

And thanks for the Triple J link....I would never have thought of looking there!

Emilia said...

I found your ATC in Craftster
It is very very fabulous!! You are amazing!