Friday, February 23, 2007

So very annoying...I could squeal. But I won't.

I won't squeal because it is 1.30am and my brother and my sister are in bed. I should go soon.

So here's the deal. I just wrote my first blog entry complete with picture and then my browser froze. Gah!!! I am annoyed at that. So here we have my new first blog entry (not first blog ever - I go through internet phases...bebo, myspace etc. Hopefully I'll stick with this one cos it will have a general purpose which is to share all my crafty adventures). I will give you some basic info on me.

I am Rosie, short for Rosanna. I like both, but am more commonly known as Rosie (less syllables).
I am nearly 20 (not too excited about that, I won't be a teenager for much longer).
I am a Christadelphian (look it up, yo.).
I love my family a hell of a lot. And I live with my younger sister (codename: Sinquadab) and one of my older brothers (codename: Gwoss gwoss). I too have a is Vignati. We were making up nicknames and they stuck for once. Mum and Dad even have names...Mumyunundi and Dadulon.
I like art a lot.
I also like craft a lot (due to craftsters' influence...I love that place!)

I signed up with blogspot to have a place to share all my crafty (and sometimes arty and sometimes not crafty or arty) adventures. (Nb. I hate the term 'arty farty' and also 'art & craft'. I dunno why) So here I am.

"What crafty news do you bring?" you say...

My current project is for a swap. It's my second swap ever (on craftster) and it's called the 'crafty detective swap'. It's pretty much a secret santa-ish swap. I am feeling good about it, we need to make at least 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small (but I'm gonna do a little more ^_^ ). I have nearly finished my large and I have completed a small and two small-mediums. I have plans for a few more small pieces and a couple'o'mediums. I really want this swap to go well because my first swap wasn't a great experience. It was a Christmas ornament swap and I made mine and loved doing it. I might have put a bit too much effort in...I may have scared my partner off craftster for good. You can all see what I made...first you can see the boxes I made for them...then the actual ornaments. I also included some gift-tags I made with leftover felt and card. And I made her a nice card that had a mini-feltboard on the front. (I love the way you can upload photos on this blog! So easy! If only we got our stinking broadband the moment I am on dial-up. Ew.)

So there you have it. My first crafty post. Maybe I'll include a drawing as's called 'when I wear the red shirt' (haha, I don't even have a red shirt that I love...besides, I'd rather red shoes!)

I think my next few posts will all be previous crafting adventures so you can see what I have been up to before this blog bug bit me.

I want to fill this space with random drabbling now. Like how I love origami. I love origami a lot. So much that in fact, I carry origami paper with me at all times. Little rainbow squares of paper bought at a cute little pastel coloured asian store. I know some instructions by the crane, the flapping crane, the iris, a dove, a hexagonal box, a hyerbolic parabola. My favourite origami pieces are modlar origami. That's where you make lots of little pieces and then you put them together to make an impressive ball (most of the time). I did that for two of my ornaments for that christmas swap I was talking about before. They were each made of 30 pieces! I find it so fun to fold! It's fun to la la la!!

I love to talk. I hope someone out there will read this! Please comment if you do!

I love you,

ps. I have watched far too many Cardcaptor Sakura episodes over the last few days.

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superhooker said...

Hey, those ornaments are supercool! I wish I was your partner for that swap too! I am not joking when I say that I would knit you anything you want (that I can do, I wouldn't want it to be terrible, in exchange for pretty much anything you make!